A B O U T  M I S C E L L A N E A

                                 ​​Booking Requirements                    

*  We ask for non-refundable 50% deposit and a signed rental 
    agreeement to save your one of a kind pieces 

*  Final payment is due 4 weeks prior to wedding date with no
    changes made    

*  Calligraphy can be ordered and included in delivery!
    We contract with Hannah at Lettered Lovely and she will quote
    your custom design on signage or one of our pieces             

*  Delivery fees are based upon mileage, location and size of order

*  Clients will be charged for a cleaning or replacement fee if any
    furniture or design piece is damaged 

*  Do you stage and set up?!
    We understand the need for some extra special design help on 
    your beautiful day! We do charge a staging fee if you need 
    Otherwise the furniture pieces will be delivered and placed in the
    designated places that have been chosen ahead. The smaller
    elements will be packed and placed in containers for your day of
    event people to stage in place
At  M I S C E L L A N E A  we collect unique, one of a kind romantic charming pieces to make your event truly memorable!!
Browse our boutique collections currently shown here! However, we are continually adding to our vintage finds. Let us know what you like, what you're interested in finding, and the date & place of your event in an email. We'll get back to you regarding all quotes and questions.

Our business is based in Upland, Ca
Serving all the Southern Cal areas

We believe in giving back into Global Relief efforts with every booking, we've helped in water relief programs, feeding, education
medical supplies. Thank you in advance as you make a difference!